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I am Rakesh K.

Hello!👋 I'm Rakesh Kohali. I've been a software developer for over 8 years. I've worked with big and small IT companies and loved every bit of it. But my real joy comes from teaching.

I started a YouTube channel named "CodersGyan". Here, I've taught more than 90K students! It feels great to share what I know and help others learn too.

My dream is simple to make top-notch content for my students. I believe everyone should be able to access great learning material without breaking the bank.


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Md Samim Aktar

System Engineer at TCS

The course is great because, as an experienced candidate, I know that all the technologies discussed in this course are used in my current project. However, I didn't have any idea about how these technologies work and why we use them. This is because I am a frontend developer. After enrolling in this course, I now have a detailed understanding of all these technologies. Thanks for the course, bhaiya

I really enjoy this course. The best things about this course is, covering not only the technical part of Full-Stack Engineering, but also the practical aspects of Application Development, means you will achieve In-Depth Mastery of MERN stack and that is with the help of Microservices, you'll learn how to optimize your work environment for peak productivity, ensuring smoother development workflows. You'll gain a deep understanding of how a big teams coordinate, communicate, and collaborate to bring a Future-Ready Scalable Application and that too without any industry experience.


Shashwat Sagar

Software Developer

Hello everyone whoever reading this, My honest opinion is this course contains topics more than you can imagine. It's not like every other course which promise to give you the knowledge about MERN Stack, but this gives even more than that. It contains all the topics about initialising the project all the way from scratch in a way a big MNC launches its software. Meaning that you will be having best practices from the best instructor. You will not be having Knowledge about only MERN Stack but also how to deploy it, test it, scale it, just like it's done in a Real Software project. I've waited more than a year for this course, and now as it's launched, I can say it is more than my expectations. THANK YOU SIR


Rahul Kumar Roy

Full stack developer

Taking the Pizza App course was a game-changer for me! The course content was incredibly well-structured, and the hands-on projects were both fun and educational. The instructor's passion for app development was infectious, making every lesson engaging. I now have the skills and confidence to create my own apps from scratch. This course truly exceeded my expectations!

This course taught me how to develop and scale apps in addition to writing code for a production environment, along with industry-based practices. If you want to construct something that is scalable and deserving of being included as a major project on your CV, this is far superior to the ones out there in tutorial hell. Without a question or doubt, just enroll. Strongly advised! Thanks in particular to Rakesh Sir for teaching us the required standards for a major, scalable project.


Shahruk Maharuj

Full Stack Web Developer

Rakesh sir is the best teacher I've ever had. His MERN stack course is well-structured, covers a wide range of topics, and is very affordable. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about learning web development. Rakesh sir is passionate about teaching and provides excellent support to his students. The course is very comprehensive and covers everything you need to know to become a Pro MERN stack developer. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn MERN stack development.