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Master Web Development with Coders Gyan Courses 🚀

Dive deep into the world of web development with our curated courses. From foundational concepts to advanced techniques, Coders Gyan ensures a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.


Master MERN, dive deep into microservices, and build robust, scalable applications efficiently.




Begin your journey in frontend development by mastering React's foundational concepts and techniques.


Boost your JavaScript with Typescript's type safety and advanced features. Learn, adapt, evolve!


Unlock powerful data management using MongoDB. A comprehensive guide to NoSQL databases.


Delve into backend development, explore NodeJs, and craft powerful server-side applications.


Fast-track your backend skills! Dive into ExpressJs, the elegant framework for Node.

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I am Rakesh K.

Hello!👋 I'm Rakesh Kohali. I've been a software developer for over 8 years. I've worked with big and small IT companies and loved every bit of it. But my real joy comes from teaching.

I started a YouTube channel named "CodersGyan". Here, I've taught more than 90K students! It feels great to share what I know and help others learn too.

My dream is simple to make top-notch content for my students. I believe everyone should be able to access great learning material without breaking the bank.